Burundi A+ Women's Coffee Alliance - 125g

The Burundi chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) began with a group of eight women representing each coffee growing region in Burundi, providing access to business opportunities in the industry and also social, economic and political empowerment for women in the coffee growing communities. Dedicated to improving women’s skills in agriculture and enhancing their role Burundian society, the IWCA only produce the very best coffee and after sale distributes a bonus back to its members. In the cup, there is a sweet orange flavour followed by dark chocolate, very reminiscent of jaffa cakes! A light body with a subtle sweetness that is evocative of black tea with a slight malt like flavour becomes evident as the cup progresses. Best served black as a filter coffee but also makes a great cafetiere or aeropress. Winner of a one star Great Taste Award in 2018 in the Filter/Cafetiere Category. The judges said: "Very strong black tea flavours in this coffee with a creamy mouthfeel and dry malty finish. Not overly bright, but judges enjoy the subtle citrussy sweetness and feel this is a gentle, but well balanced coffee. A refreshing, sessionable coffee"

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